Eight new Trafford care home deaths confirmed as being linked to coronavirus

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Eight care home deaths in Trafford in the week ending April 17th were linked to coronavirus, new data from the Office of National Statistics has revealed today.

The data showed that of the 67 people recorded as having died in Trafford during that week, 38 were linked to coronavirus.

Eight of those deaths were in care homes, with 25 in hospital, two at home, one in a hospice and two recorded as being elsewhere.

The total of 38 represented a sharp spike on the previous week, to April 10th, when 12 people’s deaths were linked to coronavirus.

Overall this year in Trafford, 94 deaths have been linked to the virus, out of 796 deaths in total.

Across the UK, for the week to April 17th the total number of deaths in England and Wales topped 22,000, the highest since records began in 1993.

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