Has your green bin been missed? You can now report it and have it collected within a day

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Has your green bin collection been missed? For the first time since lockdown began in March, you can now report it.

The coronavirus outbreak has inevitably led to the considerable disruption of local bin services, with Trafford Council battling to keep the collection going over the past few weeks.

Some residents have continued to report that their green bins have not been collected, and Trafford says it still cannot “guarantee” the service.

But residents can now use an online form accessed from this page to report any missed collections – or call 03330 035 865.

Trafford says that only green bins missed from May 18th can be logged – green bins which were not emptied before this date cannot be logged for collection.

The council is aiming to return to collect the green bin “within one working day”, although it warns it may take longer during the current crisis.

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