Flood warning issued for Timperley Brook with flooding of some properties “possible”

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A flood warning has been issued for Timperley Brook after a day of torrential rain and then heavy snow across Altrincham.

The Environment Agency issued the warning – which means “Flooding is expected – immediate action required” – after Storm Christoph caused an extraordinary mix of weather on Wednesday.

It warns that flooding of properties on Green Lane to Woodlands Road and Canal Road is “possible”, with river levels rising at the Partington river gauge.

Levels are expected to remain high until tomorrow.

Timperley Brook on Wednesday afternoon

Flood alerts – one level down from a warning – remain in place in the Middle River Mersey Catchment area, as well as the River Bollin.

A severe flood warning has also been issued for the River Bollin and Agden Brook at Little Bollington, which borders Dunham.

Timperley Brook pictured on Wednesday evening (Pic: Amy Smith)

The Environmen Agency states: “River levels are rising at the Bollington Mill river gauge as a result of persistent heavy rainfall associated with Storm Christoph. Consequently, flooding to properties is expected.

“We believe there is a possibility of flooding for properties at and around Bollington Mill and Bollington Hall Farm. We expect river levels to peak at 1.6m between 05:00 and 06:00 on 21/01/21. A severe warning has been issued due to the potential for significant disruption to the community.”

Flooding on the Navi Rec, which borders Timperley Brook, yesterday afternoon

Last night, Trafford Council offered emergency accommodation to 13 people in Little Bollington, with Sale Leisure Centre prepared as an emergency centre if needed.

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