80s new wave stars The Blow Monkeys stop off in Altrincham for The Bowdon Rooms show

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Their 40-year career has spawned numerous hit singles and albums – and now The Blow Monkeys are coming to Altrincham for a special gig at The Bowdon Rooms.

Part of the 1980s new wave scene, the four-piece are best known for hits like ‘Digging Your Scene’ and ‘It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way’, and epitomised the glamour of mid-80s pop at its most graceful and sophisticated.

In the band’s frontman Robert Howard (aka Dr Robert), they possessed a tall, charismatic singer who was both camera-friendly and clever.

And they were also gifted with three talented musicians in bassist Mick Anker, saxophonist Neville Henry and drummer Tony Kiley.

Now, fresh from releasing 11th studio album Journey to You, the band are touring the UK and will stop off at The Bowdon Rooms on Friday 18th March.

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