Arrests after “large disorder incident” involving over 20 youths at Altrincham Interchange

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Five arrests were made after a “large disorder incident” at Altrincham Interchange last night inolving over 20 youths.

Greater Manchester Police said its Transport Unit – which was set up in 2019 to specifically tackle incidents on the Greater Manchester transport network – had attended an incident involving a bus at the Interchange.

Of the five arrested, one “main offender” was taken to custody on suspicion of assault and affray on a bus passenger.

The further four youths arrested were sent home to their parents.

One of the policemen on the scene, ‘Sgt Ste’ from GMP Trafford South, later wrote on Facebook that all those involved – which could number up to 15 further youths – would shortly be receiving visits after further evidence has been gathered from officers’ body-worn video cameras.

He added that their parents would be visited by a Neighbourhood Beat Officer.

Sgt Ste said last evening’s incident took place in the main bus interchange.

He added: “The GMPTU (Greater Manchester Police Transport Unit) was set up exactly for this to help provide safe public transport and we work with TfGM (Transport for Greater Manchester) directing our Specialist patrols across the force to areas with the greatest threats.

“Those not arrested tonight will be shortly receiving visits when we compile facial photos from our BWV and their parents get a visit by our NBO teams. We have up to 15 visits plus the ones arrested this evening to process.”

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