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Three brothers to offer "authentic Italian experience" with new Altrincham cafe and restaurant

The Faisal siblings - Amro, 25, chef Farid, 28, and Adam, 19 - will be opening Damò‎ on Ashley Road this Saturday.

Brothers Adam, Faisal and Amro will be opening Damò‎ this Saturday

Three brothers are teaming up to open an authentic Italian cafe and restaurant in Altrincham.

The Faisal siblings - Amro, 25, chef Farid, 28, and Adam, 19 - will be opening Damò‎ on Ashley Road this Saturday.

It's located in the former home of Terzo, Scalini and Angkor Soul, but the Faisals - who hail originally from Ancona on the Adriatic coast - believe their new venture will be bringing something completely new to the town centre.

Amro told us: "We had looked in Manchester but did not find the exact spot to open this kind of concept. Altrincham is a very nice area and there are so many experienced people round here who know about food.

Adam, Amro and Farid hail from Ancona on the Adriatic coast

"As soon as we entered we saw that the style was Italian and it was just what we were looking for."

Opening every day except Mondays (although it‎ will be open as a one-off this Monday), Damò will focus on breakfast, brunch and lunch.

The brothers have given the unit a facelift, installing a completely new kitchen, adding real wooden joints and exposing the bare brick wall.

Amro added: "Damò is between a cafe and a restaurant. We'll be doing an English breakfast but in an Italian way, and then after 12 we will be serving proper pasta homemade by the chef.

"We'll also be serving pinsa (an Italian delicacy of hand-pressed pizza), freshly baked every day, with lots of different toppings."

All ingredients, down to the type of flour and the Neapolitan coffee brand Kimbo, will be imported from Italy.

The brothers are currently living in Reddish but head chef Farid, who will be operating in an open kitchen, has trained in restaurants in Italy, Switerland and London.

"I've never seen this concept, even in Manchester," added Amro. "Most Italian places are restaurants that open in the evening, so we're something new.

"We are so happy to be here and very excited. We've already had very good feedback and people have been messaging us asking when we're opening."

Insisting that they will be using only "high quality" ingredients from Italy, Amro said: "The idea is to give people the authentic Italian experience. I don't just want people to have a pasta and go, I want them to live the experience of Italy."

Damò - which is Roman slang for something you've been waiting a long time to happen - will be open from 10am this Saturday, and then 8am to 4pm from then on.