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“Many get the wrong dog for their lifestyle”: Former Hale estate agent launches dog training and walking business

A former estate agent, Glyn Reacroft has turned his passion into his profession with Cheshire Dog Services.

A former estate agent, Glyn Reacroft has turned his passion into his profession with Cheshire Dog Services.

He tells us more about the importance of choosing the right dog – and looking after it properly.

ALTRINCHAM TODAY: First of all Glyn – tell us a bit more about your background, as you were originally an estate agent?

GLYN REACROFT: I’ve have had a 38-year career as an estate agent and for 17 years I was based in Altrincham as a shareholder and director of one of the area’s leading firms. With increasing legislation and the changing face of the industry due to the presence of the online agents, I became very disillusioned with the business. I decided that I needed to find something I loved to do.

AT: So where did the idea for Cheshire Dog Services come from?

GR: I’ve loved dogs for as long as I can remember. I’ve had a number of different breeds over the last 20 years. They give me so much pleasure and through them, I’ve met some lovely people. I thought that working with dogs full-time would be the way forward.

A lot of people seem to get the wrong dog for their lifestyle. They can’t give the little one the time they need or enough exercise and before long behavioural issues begin. I wanted to set a business up where dog owners can make use of my experience so that they can enjoy their dog to the maximum.

AT: How important is it that we don’t neglect our dogs’ needs, even with our busy lifestyles today?

GR: One needs to remember that a dog is a commitment and not just something bought on a whim. Time needs to be put aside for taking the dog out, walking it properly as well as letting it have plenty of exercise. Many behavioural issues can develop from a lack of stimulation and socialising. Let’s face it, dogs aren’t born with issues, they develop them and this can all be avoided with the right amount of time and correct training.

Cheshire Dog Services’ Glyn Reacroft with his dogs

AT: Christmas is obviously a time of the year when many homes will be getting a dog for the first time – what would be your advice be?

GR: There is nothing more exciting than getting a pup, especially the first one! However, it’s vitally important that you take a look at your lifestyle and choose a breed that’s best suited to it. You’ll be surprised how many people seem to get a certain breed of dog as a status symbol instead of one that suits their lifestyle. Over the last 20 years or so, more cross breeding has taken place because more of us want dogs. The working, hunter, herding full breeds don’t suit everyone. It’s important to do the research needed to make sure you get the best dog for you, so that you can look after it properly.

AT: Do you have any dogs yourself?

GR: I’m blessed with two stunning German Shepherds, one is three years old and the other is 20 months. They are very demanding but by putting the time in, the rewards are just fantastic. They are faithful, loyal and have been brilliant to train. I also have two young Lhasa Apsos, a lovely small dog breed, very feisty and full of character. They both put the bigger Shepherds in their place!

For more information about Cheshire Dog Services, visit, follow @Cheshiredogservicesltd on Facebook or call Glyn direct on 07795 212042.