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A Timperley woman has claimed the wedding ring found in an Altrincham ballot box on election night

A wedding ring found in a ballot box during the Altrincham and Sale West election count last week has been reunited with its owner.

A wedding ring found in a ballot box during the Altrincham and Sale West election count last week has been reunited with its owner.

Trafford Council election staff found the gold ring as they counted votes and began a desperate search to find its owner through websites, social media and the local and national press.

And they have now managed to trace its owner, a 22-year-old Timperley woman called Charlotte who unwittingly dropped the gold ring into the box as she voted last Thursday at Cloverlea Primary School in Timperley.

The former Nottingham University textiles student, who is currently working at a John Lewis department store, had been given the ring as a keepsake from her mum Janice.

Charlotte with the wedding ring she dropped in a ballot box

It was only when Charlotte returned home after voting that she realised she had lost the ring – and began to retrace her steps.

She said: “It was about 8.30pm when I went to vote as I had been working all day and was very tired. The ring was on my index finger and was slightly loose so it must have fallen off as I posted my vote into the box and pulled my hand away. I went home and later realised I had lost the ring and looked everywhere for it. I was really upset that I couldn’t find it.

“I was off work the following day, the Friday, and had still not found the ring. The next day I was on the way to the Trafford Centre with a friend and we were chatting about the ring. She said ‘Did you vote last night, I have seen a post on social media about a ring found in a ballot box at Cloverlea. The penny dropped and I realised it must be mine. I phoned Trafford Council and described the ring and they said they had it at the Town Hall.”

Charlotte’s ring is returned by Sara Saleh, Trafford Council’s Corporate Director of People

Charlotte added: “I  am delighted to have found it, I didn’t want to face my mum’s wrath. I’m going to be a lot more careful in the future, thanks to the Council for helping me with this.”

Charlotte was invited to Trafford Town Hall and was presented with the ring by Sara Saleh, the Council’s Corporate Director of People.

Sara said: “When we realised somebody had dropped the ring into a ballot box it was a big shock and we locked it away for safekeeping and launched a search to find the owner. Nobody came forward for the first 24 hours and we worried we would never find the owner of the ring – so we were delighted when Charlotte got in touch.

“I am absolutely delighted to have presented the ring to Charlotte. We are so pleased to have traced her – and to give her the best Christmas present ever!”