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Chill out, ride harder: Cryotherapy can give cyclists the edge

It's a treatment that has been available in Hale since the launch of ChillGlow, on Broomfield Lane, earlier this year.

Tour of Britain cyclists riding through Altrincham earlier this month

As the world-class cyclists who passed through Hale for the opening stage of the Tour of Britain last week, recovery speed is crucial to performance.

Given the rigorous training and endurance involved in elite-level cycling, it's inextricably linked to injury prevention and maintaining peak physical condition.

Cryotherapy, a relatively recent innovation in sports recovery, has gained attention for its potential to aid cyclists in recovering quickly and efficiently.

It's a treatment that has been available in Hale since the launch of ChillGlow, on Broomfield Lane, earlier this year.

ChillGlow offers full body cryotherapy treatments using state-of-the-art freezing technology developed and manufactured in Germany.

Liliana Ashton, who launched the clinic with local doctor Dr Natalie Summerhill, says the impact of the body’s outer skin being briefly ‘frozen’ is transformative for cyclists and other sports people looking to recover quickly.

ChillGlow co-founder Liliana Ashton inside one of the full-body cryotherapy tanks in Hale

She said: "Cryotherapy is emerging as a game-changer in the world of sports recovery, and cyclists can benefit greatly from its application. By incorporating cryotherapy into their post-cycling routine, cyclists can experience reduced inflammation, enhanced muscle repair and faster recovery times."

Here's how cryotherapy can help you before and after cycling:

  • Faster recovery: Intense cycling workouts, particularly in competitive cycling or during long rides, can lead to muscle fatigue, soreness, and inflammation. Cryotherapy can help in reducing these effects by constricting blood vessels, thereby decreasing inflammation and potentially accelerating recovery. Some cyclists use ice baths, ice packs, or localised cryotherapy devices on specific muscle groups post-ride to manage muscle soreness. However, with Chillglow’s full body cryotherapy chamber you can address all areas in one, three-minute session.

  • Reduced inflammation and pain relief: Cycling can stress joints and muscles, potentially leading to inflammation and pain. Cryotherapy's cold exposure helps mitigate inflammation by slowing blood flow and limiting the release of inflammatory agents. It can also act as a temporary pain relief method by numbing nerve endings.

  • Performance enhancement: whole-body cryotherapy have a positive impact on cycling performance. Some cyclists report feeling more alert and energised after cryotherapy sessions. Improved circulation and reduced muscle soreness contribute to better cycling performance.

  • Timing and application: When considering cryotherapy in the context of cycling, timing is crucial. Some cyclists might use cryotherapy immediately after a rigorous training session or race to help with recovery. Others might use it in the lead-up to an event to potentially reduce the risk of injuries or to promote a feeling of readiness.

  • Individual response: As with any recovery method, the effectiveness of cryotherapy can vary from person to person. Some cyclists might find cryotherapy highly beneficial in their recovery routine, while others might not experience significant effects.

ChillGlow, 6 Broomfield Lane, Hale, Altrincham, WA14 2ER. To find out more or book a session, call 0161 552 2382 or visit

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