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A turn-up for the books! Hale's new library is finally going to open

Construction on the building was completed nine months ago.

Inside the new library in Hale

Hale's new state-of-the-art library is to finally open to the public - nine months after its construction was completed.

Local residents have wondered why the 3,000 sq ft Hale Library and Community Centre – the result of a partnership between Hale Community Trust, Trafford Council and developers Westshield Ltd – remained closed despite being finished earlier this year.

A delay in securing the final certification of the building was the main reason behind the wait, although Trafford Council have not explained why it took so long.

A temporary pop-up library has been operating in St Peter's Church in Hale.

But finally, the doors to the building are to open this Thursday, November 9th.

As well as the new 3,000 sq ft library on the building’s first floor, the ground floor will be used by Hale Bowling Club and will include two large community rooms, new public toilets and a restaurant/café.

The ground floor fit-out will continue after the library's opening. 

How the library looks inside

Cllr Cath Hynes, Deputy Leader of the Council and Executive Member for Leisure, Arts, Culture and Heritage, said she appreciated the "frustration" the opening delays had caused.

She said: “Libraries are extremely important to local communities and we are delighted to be opening this fabulous new facility in Hale.

"We appreciate all the frustration caused by the delay but it is great news that the library will now be fully open.

“We are pleased to have worked closely with the Community Trust to bring forward this fantastic development and look forward to greeting people in the new library.”